Model Anne Merriman of Cosmo models with hair and makeup by Sarah Young, Antiquity Process.  This version's LaMem score is the highest at 0.909.
Score and heat map generate by the M.I.T. Large Scale Image Memorability Demo. 
A blue/sepia split tone takes the second place LaMem score at .902.
Split Tone LaMem heat map and memorability score still Very High at 0.902.
The natural color version takes the LaMem score down to High ate
Natural Color LaMem heat map and memorability score drops to High at 0.892.
The Platinum print version has the lowest LaMem score, but still High at 0.877.
Platinum Print LaMem Score and Heat Map.
Over the past few months, I've been running processing variations through M.I.T.'s Large Scale Image Memorability project demo.  I almost hate to admit it, but I consistently agree with LaMem's relative ranking. In general, full color scores higher than B&W, but there are surprises, like the sepia wash version here.
model: Anne Merriman, Cosmopolitan Models (

hair and makeup: Sara Young at Serenity Studios 

Large Scale Image Memorability Project (

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