Standard beauty and fashion workflow.
Custom Lightroom Develop Preset named Antiquity LR6.1 
Silent Movie Film Stock, custom preset for Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Van Dyke Wenge Dynamic from Topaz B&W is the starting point for this version.
Lomography Color preset from DxO Film Pack
Platinum II preset from Topaz B&W
Hand colored Sepia
Standard beauty and fashion workflow
Antiquity 300 preset from Lightroom
Hand colored Avedon split tone.
Avedon Split Tone
Van Dyke Wenge Dynamic from Topaz B&W
Standard beauty and fashion workflow.
Antiquity 300, custom Develop Preset in Adobe Lighteoom.
Lomography Prest, DxO Filmpack
Hand colored Sepia
Custom Lightroom Aqua/Sepia split tone Develop Preset.
Hand colored Platinum Print.
Platinum II from Topaz B&W
These pictures are new picks from a December 5, 2011 session. There are so many variations because I'm testing a number of upgrades to my workstation.

model: Megan Kathleen Dillingham
hair/makeup: Yuri Phouapanya
dress by: Caroline Williard
photo stylist: Susan Marie Page
camera; Nikon D700
lens: Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 G
lights: two Broncolor Pulso heads

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