Megan Dillingham for Caroline Willard 2

New picks from a 12/5/2011 session with Megan Dillingham, Caroline Willard and Yuriko.

Standard beauty and fashion workflow.
Custom Lightroom Develop Preset named Antiquity LR6.1 
Silent Movie Film Stock, custom preset for Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
Van Dyke Wenge Dynamic from Topaz B&W is the starting point for this version.
Lomography Color preset from DxO Film Pack
Platinum II preset from Topaz B&W
Hand colored Sepia
Standard beauty and fashion workflow
Antiquity 300 preset from Lightroom
Hand colored Avedon split tone.
Avedon Split Tone
Van Dyke Wenge Dynamic from Topaz B&W
Standard beauty and fashion workflow.
Antiquity 300, custom Develop Preset in Adobe Lighteoom.
Lomography Prest, DxO Filmpack
Hand colored Sepia
Custom Lightroom Aqua/Sepia split tone Develop Preset.
Hand colored Platinum Print.
Platinum II from Topaz B&W
These pictures are new picks from a December 5, 2011 session. There are so many variations because I'm testing a number of upgrades to my workstation.

model: Megan Kathleen Dillingham
hair/makeup: Yuri Phouapanya
dress by: Caroline Williard
photo stylist: Susan Marie Page
camera; Nikon D700
lens: Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 G
lights: two Broncolor Pulso heads
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